Top 10 Catamarans

Top 10 Catamarans: The Caribbean Luxury Catamarans

Andrew's TOP 10 Picks for the best Caribbean Luxury Catamaran Vacations
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Captain Dillon’s favorite anchorage is Long Bay Virgin Gorda, he anchors in shallow water then reverses and ties off the rear to a huge round boulder on the beach. The guests' view from here is magnificent, you look across 25 miles down west to St Thomas, United States Virgin Islands and all around you see islands on the horizon. During the day this is gorgeous, early evenings it is better and at night it is calm spectacular, yes now you know “you are” in paradise.

Captain Dillon’s favorite snorkeling is around the famous Indians and the Pirate Caves. Snorkeling around the Indians is a unique experience because you are snorkeling around a pinnacle where the seabed is 50-70 feet deep. In a large round push up is this pinnacle of rock covered, from the bottom, in various types of plate coral leading up to various soft colored corals. Rainbow colored fish abound doing their daily work, a flamingo tongue is locked onto a soft purple coral leaf. The water is crystal clear so you can see for at least 70 feet in all directions. This is one snorkel experience that no guest forgets. The Pirates Caves are very different to other snorkeling areas because you can swim into the heart of the caves, turn around and swim from the dark clear shadowed water back into the bright sun light.

Slivochka crew, Dillon and KeriCaptain Dillon and Keri have set new standards in our industry. This captain and chef team are from top mega yacht power boat crew so they come to us with brand new standards.  Both are dressed in white uniforms with bars, they are serious with what they are doing, Ice cold hand towels are handed to travel weary glowing guests to cool down as they board Slivochka.

Captain Dillon and Keri are both practiced sommeliers. Guests enjoy the very best attention at all levels while on board. Here is a crew who feel that casual T-shirt does not fit professional service and at the same time they are Charming, friendly, polite and most professional. All of us know well that it is our captain and chef on board our catamaran that sets the tone for your vacation. We rank Captain Dillon and chef Keri as one of our industry's top captains and crew teams today. While Dillon is serious about his profession, his happy smile does enchant guests. Here is a man who is a consummate professional, who thinks before he speaks. Chef Keri is the lady of character and power behind this successful couple, she smiles easily and is bright beyond her years. We are exceptionally proud to represent such a top crew team

Our favourite anchorages are...Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Virgin Gorda, The Baths, Bitter End Yacht Club, Eustatia Sound, Cane Garden Bay, Foxy’s, Jost van Dyke, Soggy Dollar Bar. These are some of the places Captain Oswaldo and his crewed catamaran can take guests to visit. Pastel coloured buildings between coconut palms to do shopping, Peter Island for spa treatments.

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Akasha's CrewWe firmly rate Akasha as the number one catamaran for the passionate catamaran traveller. Possibly the top captain and crew team in the Virgins today.

Charming, fun, friendly and smart, these folks are attentive. Your captain Oswaldo who sets the standard on board Akasha, and wonderful captains select magnificent crew to support their charter drive, and Oswaldo is no exception. Briar is one of the top chefs around, so your every request can be answered. Briar's your cuisine queen is very well known for her presentation and tasty meals. Chef Briar was awarded Best Dessert for yachts over 64ft in the recent charter shows. Her Local Pumpkin Souffle with Mount Gay Rum Sauce was a hit with the judges! It has been said that even the beers taste better on board Akasha. Your catamaran cruise on board Akasha is guaranteed to be magnificent.

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Catamaran Nenne
67 Feet. Sleeps 10 Guests in 5 cabins
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Our favorite location is the famous Baths with their 40 foot high round boulders half in half out of the water and stacked on top of each other.

Then we love White Bay Peter Island, if clients want that out of the way Anchorage. We do find that all guests love the Bitter End Yacht Club as well as Marina Cay.

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Bamarandi's CrewDonald and Audrey, your crew, are a welcoming team who have been married for 16 years and have spent the last five years sailing in the Caribbean.

Their great sense of humor, excellent hosting skills and vibrant zest for life promises to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Most awarded charter vessel in the world.
Why,because this is the most awarded crew in the world.

So, just how many awards has the Nenne team won???

2016 on Bamarandi
Best Multihull over 57', BVI
2nd - Chef Competition, Appetizer Section, BVI

2015 on Bamarandi
3rd - Chef Competition, Antigua
3rd - Table Setting Competition, Antigua

2014 on Aletheia
Best Boat of Show, BVI
CYBA Save the Blue Eco-Friendly, Antigua
3rd - Chef Competition, Mount Gay Rum Section, BVI

2013 on Aletheia
Best Multihull of Show, BVI
CYBA Save the Blue Eco-Friendly, Antigua
2nd - Chef Competition, USVI
1st - Table Setting Competition, Antigua
2nd - Cruising World Cup, St Barts

2012 on Flow
CYBA Save the Blue Eco-Friendly, Antigua
2nd - Chef Competition, USVI
3rd - Chef Competition, Coffee Section, Antigua

TOTAL = 15


Catamaran Dolphin Splash
Sleeps 6 Guests in 3 Cabins
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dolphin splash logoOur favorite anchorages are Marina Cay and Cam Bay , with out of the way anchorages like Muskmelon Bay on Guana Island . Guests are normally the only folks in this entire anchorage, and we have others, such as The Arena off of Fallen Jerusalem. Cooper Island is another magnificent location encrusted with coconut palms on a white beach.

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Captain Andrew & Amanda remark that their quality cuisine, love of children, passion for these magnificent islands in the sun, snorkeling , swimming and shelling on the beach is what draws us to be chartering in the British Virgin Islands . Andrew and Amanda seem far too qualified for this profession... because they do it well...

Andrew has been onboard another catamaran for 8 months and earned his position on Dolphin Splash because he is a very special man and Amanda is also a very special lady both know that top service for their clients is the one and only way to do their job right. Both are well groomed for their positions. Amy is cuisine educated and earned her nick name of our “cuisine queen” Andrew is  a sommelier, two charming people with the best educated talents. Our company do rate Andrew and Amanda as one of the top crews in our industry today..

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Catamaran Viking Dream
47 Ft. Sleeps 6 Guests in 3 equal cabins
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Our specialty is showing guests those pink coral powder white footprint free beaches where guests can pick up shells, or sit under a coconut palm with your favorite book while breathing in the aroma of the sea and beach. Guests love to play Viking Games in the water with our Viking hats; we have prizes for every game played.

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Viking Dream's CrewMark and Sally Duncan are masters at human relationships. Both are very charming, fun and friendly, polite and both are passionate about showing guests how to have fun in paradise. Possibly one of the top captain and chef teams, both love children, so all my family groups are offered Viking Dream immediately. The crew on board are magnificent people to be around.

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Catamaran Breanker
57 Feet. Sleeps 8 Guests in 4 equal cabins - Best value for your dollar
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Breanker - 3 minute Video

Our favorite anchorage is Little Harbor on Peter Island. This section of Peter Island is uninhabited but guests and crews love Little Harbor because it is possibly the most protected of all the anchorages.

The island is volcanic so it stretches high into the clouds and thus give magnificent protection even on a blistery day. White caps can dance on top of the surface of where all of us normally sail each day but Little harbor will be dead calm with not a whiff of wind touching the glassy surface of this calm anchorage. Many guests have asked to stay
here for two days so we do so.

Kristiann anchors Breanker in 4 foot of water and then we reverse very close to the shore and tie the rear to a tree on shore. This means we can clearly see the fish below us, the water is super clear. Sleeping at night means no land based band music is heard, it is exceptionally quiet at night. This anchorage is perfect for Stand up paddle boards, kayaks and all our water sports.

Kristiann and Marianne have been chartering for 23 years now and 60% of their guests are repeating directly with them.

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Breanker's CrewKristiann Sondergard and Marianne Rasmussen are a wonderful couple I have known since 1994 when I urged them to charter in the Virgin Islands. Over the years they purchased Breanker which has a well known name in the charter industry and they have kept that good name going all this time. I love booking charters on board Breanker, because I am assured of a perfect charter with a service minded approach to treating their guests.

Captain Kristiann is a top professional and charming gentleman who has been a dear friend for many years (21 years). I have a special Breanker reef I like to take my clients to when scuba diving, it is off the anchorage named Little harbor and very few people know of this one.

Marianne is also a longtime friend and again Charming and professional, you can view both on their 3 minute video below. Marianne's favorite meal to serve her guests is her Breanker Pan Seared Tuna, this comes with Couscous, Wasabi and Fried Plantains, yellow red and green peppers add flavor to her special Breanker Tuna. Marianne can do any international dish, she is Danish and spent many years cooking on the other side of the globe.

Breanker - 3 minute Video

Andrew's favourite anchorage is selecting foot-print free beaches, collecting sea shells or watching his guests what the wish to do, be it tubing, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding or just relaxing on board with a book.

I want my guest to see those pastel colored shops under coconut palms, or uninhabited islands. I love Beneuers Bay because it is out-of-the-way, yet close to the pirate caves. Come and have fun on board Kestrel

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Kestrel CrewCaptain Andrew is an energetic adventure seeker. growing up in around water he completed hi Yacht Master Ocean qualification.
Andrew's experience in the BVI  enables him to adapt the itinerary from quiet coves to happening hotspots, catering to the needs of his guests.

Beyond sailing his heart lies with diving. He is a Dive Master. After leading many dives in the BVI, he enjoys showing guests the exciting underworld.
Andrew's knowledge of the islands will make your vacation a cherished memory.

Kailee (Kai-Lee) grew up in Southern California. A natural chef, he agriculture of the Golden State provided some of the freshest, most delicious ingredients for Kailee to chose from.
With local farmers markets and fresh sea food as her inspiration, she developed a knack for fine food, many mouth-watering recipes and a passion for creativity in the galley.
Kailee and Andrew run the water activities department at the Westin Hotel. Andrew continued to hone his sailing skill and all things nautical while Kailee ran the shore side operations, simultaneously
attaining her Dive-Master status. Sailing charters aboard Kestrel gave them a chance to bring it all together.


Catamaran Flow
59 Feet. Sleeps 10 Guests in 5 cabins
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Our favorite places to take clients are wherever they wish to go.

Eustatia Sound, Long Bay Virgin Gorda, Beneures Bay and Deadmans Bay.
Brandy Wine Bay Restaurant and Wilfred’s Restaurant are places we mention.

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Flow's CrewAn abundance of beverages, cuisine and any related snacks are what they are about. The 4 refrigerators are full to the brim with beverages and beer, etc. We believe that guests can have whatever they want when they want, so an abundance of everything is onboard. The catamaran was launched late 2012. Catamaran Flow stands out from the crowd with the latest interior, walk-around cabins, and a gorgeous fly-bridge. Guests love Audrey’s hummingbird happy hour special Caribbean drinks.

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Catamaran Katlyn
44 Feet. Sleeps 4 Adults. Max 6 with Children
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Our favorite anchorage today is the Baths and we know exactly when to go there. The wonderful Bitter End Yacht Club virgin Gorda, Marina Cay has to be at the top of this list, the Indians, Foxy's and Sandy Cay. also Cane Garden Bay

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Katlyn CrewCaptain Douglas and Chef Valerie have been providing the best value for their guests for two years and guests love them both. A superb captain a wonderful chef both are charming, friendly, polite and professional. The clean well maintained catamaran has never let anyone of us down because of their character.
What makes the two mature crew is they love what they do and it shows all the time. They enjoy meeting guests, with hospitality and kindness their second nature. The best value in the Caribbean today.


Catamaran SeaHome
62 Feet. Sleeps 10 Guests in 5 cabins
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My favorite anchorages are: The bubbling pool, Green Cay and Sandy cay,
All three are close to Foxy’s, White Bay and Cane Garden Bay. Marina Cay is a must do anchorage, for the folks who want out-of-the-way. I make an effort to get to Muskmelon Bay on Guana Island.
Then one of my favorite spots is 200 yards east of the Bitter End Yacht Club is Coulequan Barrier reef, where 95% of guests snorkely on the inside. My guests are guided by myself to snorkel on the outside of this barrier reef. It is here where you can see 80 feet in all directions, it is here that guests see all the fish, crustaceans, corals, hard and soft, because it is here that the nutrients feeding the reef, come from the deep blue sea. You want a very special charter then call Andrew 954-720-0475.

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Sea Home CrewSEA HOME is knocking on the door of being in the top 5 and she is in position number 10 because she is new to the industry, But already showing top class in every aspect of top crew and of top of the line luxury catamaran.  SEA HOME has, the now famous sky lounge, she also boats the walk around queen beds in her guest cabins plus she is brand spanking new.

Captain Brand: has that effervescent personality and he can host the most discreet charter. He does like to interact with guests and has a few secret spots where he can take his guests for sundowners.   Scuba diving, snorkeling, and all water sports is his love, plus he is a patient enthusiastic teacher. Do not be surprised if you find
yourself kite surfing, trimming the sails, free diving, Brand inspires confidence which is an in grown natural talent.  Captain Brand aims to make each and everyday remarkable for his guests.

Chef Jade: This talented lady grew up on a farm in Southern Africa surrounded by animals amidst the tranquil beauty of nature.  Jade has cherished memories of her grand mother in the kitchen, learning cooking tips, tricks and family recipes. Guest enjoy special gourmet touches that make cuisine very special and this is the art Jade excels in. She likes to do special diets.  Both love children and both do not

Louise Langello: is the stewardess on board and a good one, who’s job it is to take the weight off the shoulders of Chef Jade.

ANDREW'S detailed NOTES on the Top 10 catamarans.

The list of top ten catamarans is a cross section of high-end luxury catamarans to suit catamaran charter guests in all price ranges (within reason). These top 10 catamarans are head and shoulders above the others and priced the same as all other catamarans in each different class.

This has provided a few problems; take, for instance, Akasha, Zingara and Kings Ransom. All three luxury catamarans come from the same manufacturing mold making all identical; so how then is FLOW 59 feet listed in position number # 3, the third best luxury catamaran in the yacht charter industry? I have carefully selected only one catamaran in her range. I also believe that these 3 luxury catamarans are the world’s top luxury catamarans when looking at all aspects of the private catamaran charter industry, and we include Douce France at 139 feet long and 56 foot wide.

In the past year, 2013, we have also seen some super wonderful BVI catamarans enter our industry with the new fly bridge area on top, first seen on Akasha and her modern design. While I am on that fly bridge design, set up first by Akasha and her sister catamarans, her design was so revolutionary that she seems as big as a 90-foot catamaran and not a 76/78-foot luxury catamaran because for the first time in history the modern catamaran is designed to utilize the two 3-foot wide walkways on both sides along the deck to the front trampoline to use as interior space and headroom for this modern marvel.

Generally, on all catamarans, there is a 3-foot walkway from the back to the front of the catamaran on the deck level. None of this on Akasha; access to the front is done via a staircase in the cockpit area to allow the extra 6 feet of useable space inside the catamaran, creating the now popular fly-bridge featured on almost every new catamaran manufactured over 55 feet today.

Flow in position number # 3 also has this new modern fly-bridge. These are the super yacht catamarans or mega catamarans, perfect for catamaran cruises.

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To appreciate the magnitude of the catamaran yacht charter explosion, enjoy a few figures: In 1990, one term (one week stay aboard) catamaran was working in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (Splendidum-run by Andrew and Gaile Buys); some 20 years later, we count 108 term BVI catamarans based in the Virgin Islands.

What has made these vessels so popular? Women are now keen to enjoy a catamaran sailing vacation; today, half of Barrington-Hall’s inquiries come from women. Why? Comfort, Stability and Space. Our woman and children love catamarans. No catamarans heel over when sailing, they are stable when sailing and at anchorage, so much so it feels as if you are on land at night.

All cabins are equal queen-sized, and all 4 cabins have private toilets, private showers and wash basins. Guest are now demanding walk around beds and Fly-Bridges, m.m.m. how the industry changes. The catamaran sailing market, once 7% of the North American population, has now expanded to 16% of vacationers. WHY? Because for the first time this high-end luxury vacation appeals to the women. No longer a camping trip, the modern catamaran charter offers value never found at top resorts and hotels. These high-end luxury catamarans are now found in Greece, the French Riviera, the Caribbean and a few in the Bahamas.

What is a catamaran yacht charter? A 3 minute video

What is a Caribbean catamaran vacation? The realization of complete freedom. Your ultimate experience, ultimate hospitality, ultimate privacy, ultimate comfort and most important of all is bonding with friends, ultimate family bonding, ultimate corporate bonding with staff, or rewarding top earners; a catamaran sail does this.

Your Luxury Caribbean catamaran vacation awaits you.

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