Caribbean Catamaran Vacations

The Caribbean Catamaran features SPACE - STABILITY - RESORT STYLE LUXURY

A History of Caribbean Catamaran Vacations:

For the first time in history, a Caribbean catamaran sailing yacht rental appeals to the woman/wives of our lives. No more is a private Caribbean vacation a camping trip on a boat!  And also for the very first time the new modern Caribbean catamaran rental offered the general public high quality COMFORT, STABILITY and SPACE. Read more

Caribbean Catamaran Big Nauti

Now with almost 25 years of arranging wonderful Caribbean Catamaran vacations, Andrew Buys and the Barrington-Hall yacht charter service has become an industry leader.
You might work all year for one or two really nice vacations. Arrange one luxury Caribbean catamaran sailing vacation with Andrew Buys and Barrington-Hall Yacht Charters and you'll want to charter a catamaran again and again.
Choose from our TOP 10 Caribbean Catamaran Vacations and we guarantee you will want to book your next trip with us as soon as you return home and likely before you even unpack your luggage. We believe no other yacht charter company will offer you the attention to details, protection or the planning to landing service.
Please read our feedback and find out why so many first timers re-book their catamaran sailing vacations with Andrew.

The Caribbean Catamaran Experience

An Incredible Caribbean Catamaran Vacation Experience.
Caribbean Sailing Vacations in the BVI

Your Caribbean Catamaran is noting short of accommodations found at a 5 star resort with the added touch of your own personal guide and your own personal chef. Your every desire is attended to on our Caribbean Catamaran experience.


Island hopping / Shopping & Beach Combing
caribbean sailing vacations
Your Caribbean Catamaran Vacation island destinations is based on what you would like to do and see. Our clients have the freedom to tell us what their Caribbean Catamaran Vacation means to them and we do what it takes to make sure the Island visits are what you had in mind. read more
No One Knows Caribbean Catamaran Vacations Better Than Us.
Caribbean Catamaran Vacations
The Caribbean Catamaran is quickly becoming the Cruise Alternative that is perfect for couples, families and corporate events and incentives. 

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Kindly Note:  We may not recommend all the catamarans that will be seen in this database search. Please contact us for further information on the catamaran, crew and customer reviews.

128 private cays and well over 400 beaches

caribbean catamaran sailing charterWhen planning your Caribbean catamaran vacation we will work closely with the captain to include sailing, shopping, diving, beach combing or just hanging out on the boats trampoline or walking the pristine beaches of some island deep in the Caribbean.

Choose your destination and we'll map it out with the captain so your Caribbean Catamaran Vacation is all that it can be.

Here's few places you might enjoy visiting while on your catamaran sailing vacations.

  • Bitter End Yacht Club The worlds 3rd largest barrier reef
  • Tortola's West End Wow just perfect for the ladies shopping.
  • Peter Island BVI On the beach chalets, a wonderful on the beach special restaurant set under the coconut palms on the white beach.
  • Marina Cay Try not to miss Marina Cay at all costs this is a must do anchorage.
  • Spanish Town is the value for the passionate vacationer.
  • and so many more to map out and discover for your self.

Caribbean sailing vacations on a catamaran

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