Crewed Catamaran Charters

Charter review of team and vessel after a crewed catamaran charter

Crewed Catamaran : Ocean Jedi

Date: January 24-31, 2012

Thank you for selecting Barrington-Hall Corporation for your tropical crewed catamaran adventure. Kindly take a few moments to honestly evaluate your experience on board catamaran Ocean Jedi. We are committed to dealing with the very best in this industry, and your comments and impressions allow BHC, your crew and your yacht to make any necessary improvements. If necessary, longer explanations may be attached on a separate page.

  • The comfort on board Ocean Jedi

    The comfort of this crewed catamaran was amazing. Our King Sized beds were furnished with great mattresses and super high quality sheets. There were many great places you could escape to on this BVI crewed catamaran and be super comfortable. The seats in the front of the boat were great, relaxing on the trampolines was great, the “nap” area in the back of the boat was great and the inflatable beds you could float on the water were great. There was no part of this trip that didn’t rate a “10” in the “comfort” department.
  • The condition of Ocean Jedi
    The dedicated crew of the Ocean Jedi obviously takes extreme pride in this boat. She is cared for and in top-notch condition, just perfect for catamaran yacht charters.
  • The cleanliness of Ocean Jedi
    Cleanliness was much higher than what we expected. We didn’t know our rooms were going to be cleaned for us every day, but they were. Impressive was the fact that all linen (sheets) and towels were changed halfway through our Caribbean charter. We couldn’t have asked for a cleaner crewed catamaran.Come aboard crewed catamaran Ocean Jedi
  • The congeniality of the captain and crew
    Frank and Denise were absolutely amazing!!! Frank has more patience than many I believe I have ever met before, his knowledge is untouchable!! Frank and Denise complement each other very well. They were super easy to get along with from the second we stepped on the Ocean Jedi catamaran.
  • The service of the captain and crew
    The service was dynamic!! We were pampered like we have never been pampered before! Every SINGLE aspect of our preference sheet was addressed and noted. My husband is gluten-free and Denise went OUT OF HER WAY to ensure he was completely taken care of. We couldn’t have asked for any better service.
  • The fun aspect of the captain and crew
    We had so much fun!! Frank and Denise were always suggesting activities for us to do. They took us out on the islands, suggested and accompanied us to some of the “hot spots”, taught us new games and we laughed harder than we have in a long time! The best parts of our trip were those sitting around the table over Denise’s amazing meals.
    Come aboard crewed catamaran Ocean Jedi
  • The Captain and crew
    Frank and Denise are a great pair! They both have so much knowledge of sailing, diving, snorkeling and the list goes on and on. They were both so eager to share all of the expertise with us. Denise is so detailed oriented that no deadline was ever missed. We were always on schedule so we could get the most out of each island’s experiences.
  • The quality of your meals
    Our meals were spectacular, always made with fresh ingredients. Usually on vacation I tend to loose a few pounds because I don’t eat so well, however, on this trip we were treated to great, healthy and fresh meals. ALL of the time!! Yes I did gain some pounds.
  • The presentation of your meals
    Another 10!!
  • Would you charter this yacht again?

PS: **** This was an absolutely amazing trip. Frank and Denise and the Ocean Jedi experience took it to the next level. They were AWESOME!!!! The Ocean Jedi is very lucky to have this pair. Andrew, thank you so much for your guidance to these guys as well as all your other pointers.

Thank You for the perfect crewed catamaran charter
Mindy E.